About Me

Bob Harvey; I moved to Klickitat county over a decade ago when I was still in school. My Dad and Step Dad both were very involved in real estate sales, one as a Real Estate Broker for over 35 years and one as a Property Developer for over 50 years. Much of my child hood was spent listening to shop talk from their businesses and helping my Step Dad improve property.

When we moved  to Goldendale Washington in 2002, I quickly changed from waterfowl hunting to big game and soon after shot my first buck on Box Springs road on the way to Cleveland/Bickleton WA on the East end of the county. All through High School and there after I learned Klickitat county from one side to the other by looking for new places to hunt and fish. All the wile I worked construction and did a different trade each year like Concrete, Framing, Heating and Air, Siding, Roofing, and Plumbing.

After graduation I moved to Arizona and worked for my Dad at his office in 2008 but decided  the sweltering heat of a Arizona summer or cactus riddled hills wasn’t for me. More so after living in Klickitat County Washington with a average temperature of 70 deg…I abruptly moved back to Goldendale to resume working construction and enjoying the great outdoors of Klickitat County Washington.

When the next winter hit I decided to change my direction in life and joined the United States Marine corps. I served 3 years over seas in Okinawa, Japan, South Korea, and Afghanistan to mention a few. I then moved back to the United States and spent a year in California. While serving in the the Marines corps. I specialized in utilities work and more specifically in water purification, storage and distribution.

At the end of the 4th year in the core I decided to get out at the rank of Sergeant and return home to Klickitat County Washington and got my Real Estate Licence upon the request of Janeece Smith who is the number one land sales agent in the county. From then till now I have been showing remote and secluded property as well as homes in the Klickitat county area. If you want to see something from Trout Lake to Bickleton or just discuss the area give me a jingle and I will set something up.